BOSCH Alarm System

Keeping your home and family safe doesn’t need to be complicated. That’s why there is Bosch Solution 3000 security systems so easy to use touch screen, icon keypad wireless sensors and wireless remote controller option. 

Ready for the wireless world.
Enjoy easy control of your Solution 2000 intrusion panel with the inclusing of
wireless keyfobs that allow you to arm & disarm your system, control external
outputs and trigger a panic alarm if you cannot reach the panel’s codepad.
Alternatively, experience the true power of wireless with the Solution 3000
which includes the option to integrate with the Bosch RADION range of
wireless transmitters. With a growing suite of


 wireless products such as

motion sensors, door & window reed switchs, and remote keyfobs, Bosch
RADION will create new options for how you manage your home security

Simple to Use

Code pad options:

  • LCD ICON – small & inobtrusive. Simple icons make it easy to identify the status of the system at all times
  • LCD Alphanumeric – displays information in real text to quickly identify the cause of any alarm
  • Touchscreen – turns your alarm panel into a true lifestyle product. Simple to use. Includes additional features & pleasing aesthetics. Available in 7″ and 4″ options.

Remote Security Control Plus App (RSC+):

Allows full control of your alarm panel through your AndroidOS or IOS smartphone, including arm, disarm, trigger outputs to run external devices (eg. rolller doors, air conditioning, smart lighting etc).

  • FREE cloud service with QR code IP addressing for fast and easy installation
  • FREE iOS & Android app for smartphone remote control
  • FREE push notifications
  • Download link

Wireless Options:

  • Solution 2000 – wireless keyfobs to arm, disarm, control external outputs & trigger panic alarms
  • Solution 3000 – integrates with Bosch RADION wireless transmitters including motion sensors, door & window reed switches and remote keyfobs.

Below Different Alarm Installation Packages

BOSCH 3000 KIT Icon keypad

1x icon Keypad
3x Standard PIR
Bosch 3000 kit1x backup battery
1x external Siren
1x small internal Siren

BOSCH 3000 KIT Touch Screen Keypad

1xTouchone Mini 5″ Touch screen
3x Standard PIR
1x backup battery
1x external Siren
1x small internal Siren
1x IP Module for Internet connection