Home Security System

Home security systems are important for everyone. You and your loved ones’ safety should not be taken lightly, so you must choose only the best home security systems available. There are numerous companies out there for providing these services, but you need to get the best security service possible, and that’s exactly where MaxSol Techs come in.

Our company is reputed and has been in the market for a long time. We have garnered a decent experience of providing our customers with the best home security services possible. We have a wide range of security and alarm systems to offer for homes and other establishments. We are the best because our design is directly related to the type of service you prefer, and hence we provide you with the most optimised control of the security systems possible.

Apart from just fitting the hardware, we have a team of experts who offer consultations regarding how to use the systems and the best thing to do in case of a security breach. We also advise on how to use the control panel developed for easy access to the security system. There are various types of services offered by our company when it comes to home security. The details about those services are elaborated below.

Alarm system

An alarm system is one of the most important parts of home security or an established security system. An alarm should work perfectly to give a timely warning to the owner about any intruder or threat. Our company offers a range of alarm systems for your security purposes. Everyone has different security requirements based on their type of establishment or the design of the residence. Some want more manual control on the alarm, while others can opt for more automatic systems. Whatever your need may be, we are ready to offer you the most suitable alarm system solutions for your home.

Security camera

This is another crucial aspect of modern home security systems. Most of the security systems are obsolete without the presence of an advanced security camera. Whether you are in the home or the establishment, having a security camera enables you to keep an eye on the ongoing, which can prove to be a security threat for you. 


There are a variety of security camera systems offered by us to suit everyone’s requirements and budget. 

There is a wide array of security cameras that come with a variety of control options to have the best control over the monitoring of your cameras. We also offer customised packages to suit your personalised

 demands regarding security cameras.

Video intercom

This is the pinnacle of modern home security systems. Just monitoring your home or establishment with the help of a security camera installation or an alarm is not good enough. Video intercom systems allow you to directly interact with the security systems or the intruders through video or voice channels. The whole system can be connected to the internet, and you can haveIP-video-intercom control of the security like never before. You can have your mobile or desktop, or tablet connected to the security system. You can use any of the devices to listen in or watch whenever you want to at the establishment’s security condition through the intercom system. We also offer a discount on bulk deals, that is, if you place an order for multiple services. So you can get extra security for a reduced price.

Advanced alarm installation

Alarm installation is the most fundamental part of a security system, but an alarm system with access control is the most advanced alarm installation our company offers. The alarms work traditionally, warning you about any intrusion or break-in. However, the advanced system allows the alarm to be connected to the internet, which allows you to monitor and control it to a greater extent. You can now know exactly what caused the alarm to go off and whether it is a threat or not. You can even remotely access the alarm system and decide when to arm it or disarm it from anywhere.

CCTV Camera

CCTV cameras are top-rated when it comes to home security components. The MaxSol offers a wide range of IP and HDCVI cameras that offer high-resolution video monitoring of your establishment. This is a step up from the normal TVI cameras due to its slightly different digital signal transmissions. It offers you a better image than the normal cameras. These cameras also support the use of coaxial. Now you can monitor the security of your home better than ever, thanks to the high quality of these advanced CCTV cameras.

IP Camera

The internet has opened up a whole new avenue for ramping up your home security system. Not only it enables you to control the services from a remote location, but the advanced IP camera technology also allows you to get the feed from anywhere. These cameras are highly preferred for surveillance measures and, as the name itself suggests, are connected to the IP network, which sends the high-powered image data to the device of your choice. The installation is done by using CAT-5 or CAT-7 cables. These cameras are a little more high-tech and expensive than others, but you can perform high-quality surveillance using them.

IP intercom

Like the previous point about IP cameras, the internet has also boosted the existing intercom system. This new IP intercom allows you more control over the intercom system. It is connected to an IP address and transmits the footage or images to the device you need. The monitoring is way faster, and you can access and interact through video and voice channels using any device you like. We offer easy setting up solutions with various customisation options, including a dual monitor setup for people with double-storey houses.

Now you have seen all the information regarding the services and systems that our company offers to ensure your home security. There are a lot more services, and you can customise the services according to your needs. We also offer a new home package. If you are setting up a new home, we can look at it and help you set up your home security systems at a much-reduced price. Security systems are a necessity in the present world, and not everyone can afford to employ guards. But why hire someone else when you can be on top of the things yourself. Choose from the variety of options offered by us and within a reasonable budget. It’s time for you to set up your home security system at a reasonable price and in the most professional way.                     

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