CCTV Installation

One of the most frequently utilised security systems is the CCTV security system. This security component proved to be beneficial across the Melbourne by reducing crime and providing excellent surveillance. The CCTV systems were meant only for video recording initially. But, with the increase in the number of cameras, the quantity of data, and security requirements, security camera component manufacturers began like Dahua Security and Hikvision to provide products with a wide range of advanced features. Different CCTV systems have different pricing based on the features they have. So it is essential to understand the features and make the right choice. Here are some of the features available in a CCTV. 

  1. Motion Detection

Here, recording occurs on-demand and is one of the best features available in a CCTV. This is used in areas where human activity is minimal. So recording continuously throughout the entire day with many hours of footage of no activity is useless. Only a few seconds of the footage will show the movement of people. Now, the advanced CCTV systems are designed to detect motions within its view and then start recording. By doing so, only relevant footage is recorded and stored. You can save money on storage, archiving, etc.

  1. IR lighting

The infra-red LED, which is integrated into the IR CCTV systems, will help illuminate objects that are in its view. This enables CCTV cameras to be efficient at night. In the market, they are known as day/night camera systems. The ambient light level is detected, and Infra-red LEDs are turned on and off as and when required.

  1. Two-way audio

One of the most underrated features is two-way audio. This feature enables the person inside or the operator to speak with the person in front of the CCTV camera. This can also be recorded and stored. This is used in areas with restrictions and where the operator needs to confirm the identity of the person who is about to enter.

  1. Number plate recognition

ANPR, which stands for Automatic Number Plate Recognition, helps in reading the vehicles’ number plates. This is an advanced feature available in CCTV systems where the video analysis software automatically detects the number plate of the vehicles moving in its field of view. By using ANPR, it is possible to make parking access easy.

  1. Facial Recognition

Using this feature in your security camera systems, you can identify who passed by your camera provided that particular person’s face is registered in the database. This is used in places where customer service and security are given top priority. This is a premium feature and costs a hefty amount. Accuracy is average as recognition of the human face is no easy task.

  1. Wireless Connectivity

A few years back, all the CCTV systems were wired as wireless technologies were too slow and unreliable. Now times have changed, and many security camera brands offer wireless connectivity. Utilising Wi-Fi, the wireless CCTV systems ensured that they do not require any data cables. Owing to the wireless nature, the infrastructure and installation of the CCTV cameras are simplified tremendously.



Are you planning to install a CCTV system but do not know how to? Setting up a CCTV system can be a costly affair, but do not worry. Here is a step-by-step guide for you on how to install home security cameras. Note:- In Victoria you need Licensed Security Equipment Installer and Registered ACMA cabler 



According to the backup which you will be requiring choose your HDD; CCTV camera can be either dome or bullet camera, Power supply for the Security Camera power supply, Coaxial cables (4+1 or 3+1), BNC connector and DC connector, A power drill with the required drill bits, tape, and a display screen or monitor.


DVR system comes with cameras. The DVR box will also store the video footage which gets recorded by the CCTV. Using the CCTV wire, all the cameras are directly connected to the DVR.


For video purposes, using BNC, the camera is connected to one end of the wire. The DC connector gives the power supply which is required for the camera. Using DC and BNC, the other end of the wire is connected to the DVR directly.

At the place of interest, place your camera. Ensure that you make guide marks for drilling purposes. After drilling the holes, begin hammering in the screw holdings. After this, you will be required to screw the camera in place securely. In a socket, insert the power cable.


A separate connection is required from the DVR. This forces you to pass the camera’s cable through the house so that you can connect it to the DVR. You must plan how you want to route the cable as without planning can cause a complicated situation. It is not sensible to mount you

r camera wherever you like. A spot that has the shortest path for the cable needs to be chosen so that cost of extra wire can be saved, and at the same time, the camera should have a good view.



Mark the places where you will be drilling holes for the camera’s cable to pass through. Also, mark the holes for the camera’s mounting screws. After marking the holes, drill them and connect the cameras to the DVR using the cables.


On both ends of the cable, connect BNC. On the camera end, connect only DC. For the installation of one camera, three connectors will be required (2BNC + 1DC). A power cable can be connected at the DVR end to provide the power supply of the camera.

After routing the cables through your house, you can connect them to the DVR. Each cable is connected to the port and the DVR; the external monitor and the mouse are connected. It is also possible to plug in a USB drive when you are planning to export footage.


The CCTV system power supply and the DVR are to be switched on. The DVR is to be configured now. Read and understand the DVR manual for configuring it. Several videos are available on platforms like YouTube to simplify the explanation.


Once you have successfully installed your Security cameras, it is time to check whether the cameras are positioned properly and require any adjustments. The small screws available on the camera can be adjusted to position it the way you require.