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Contact us for your any type of home security system . Having years of experience in CCTV and Alarm System installations all over Victoria. we are the preferred choice for thousands of people looking to secure their properties and establishments. Design and installation contribute effectively towards how your surveillance cameras. Burglar alarms and fire alarms perform without any hassles. Our team of CCTV Installation experts offers consultations, solutions and services to ensure structured cabling that enhances the performance of security devices.

Business Security

Security Cameras are important for any type of business now a days. We can help you to protect your business by installing security system.

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    What We’re Offering


    Security Camera Installation

    We offer different type of security camera installation packages to suite everyone's budget and requirements. All the packages will include Cameras, NVR/DVR and Hard Drive. We have custom packages by your choice.
    Get Discount Deal if you do 3 or 2 services together.

    Alarm System Installation

    Home or Business security system is must therefor we offer most trusted security alarm system for our customer. with these smart security alarm system you can get instant notification on you mobile and also you Arm and Disarm your alarm from anywhere you want.
    Get Discount Deal if you do 3 or 2 services together.

    Video Intercom Installation

    With these new intercom system you can receive call on you mobile app and answer the call to talk, listen and live view . you can do these from any where you are connected to internet. Dual monitor option is available for double story houses.
    Get Discount Deal if you do 3 or 2 services together.


    Dahua 4MP

    IR Eyeball IP Camera Starligt/ Clear Night Vision


    Dahua 6MP IP Camera

    Wiz Sense High Image Definition

    Bosch 3000-kit

    BOSCH 3000 KIT

    Unlimited Mobile App Notification


    IP Video Intercom

    Mobile App Notification


    We Are Melbourne’s Leading CCTV Installer


    Having years of experience in CCTV installations in Melbourne. we are the preferred choice for thousands of people looking to secure their properties and establishments. Design and installation contribute effectively towards how your surveillance cameras. Burglar alarms and fire alarms perform without any hassles. Our team of CCTV Installation experts offers consultations, solutions and services to ensure structured cabling that enhances the performance of security devices. We are fully qualified, Licensed Security Equipment Installer and Register Cabler 

    Our Data Cabling Services

    • Residential Installations: Don’t leave your home or family members at risk. Invest in the modern security cameras and alarms and leave the crucial task of installation and cabling to us.
    • Retail Installations: Keep your retail destinations safe and secure for your customers and business. We help you select the top-rated security devices and install them for uninterrupted safety and supervision.
    • Commercial Cabling: Offices and business buildings are at constant risks of data theft and unanticipated threats like burglary and fire. Through an optimised data cabling design, we ensure that your commercial space successfully thwarts these dangers.
    • Security for Facilities: Whether you run an educational campus, a hospital or any other facility, it needs to be protected with sophisticated CCTVs and alarms system. We promise the peace of mind by taking care of structured cabling needs.
    • Cabling for Recreational Hubs: Restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars host numerous customers on an everyday basis. Choose us to make your facility absolutely secure through efficient CCTV and alarm installations.

    How Do We Do It?

    We follow a comprehensive approach for data cabling focusing on every important aspect that must be considered for the most productive results. To begin, our experts pay a visit to the client’s site and investigate the whole property to design a plan for data cabling. We help our clients to choose the best spots for installing CCTV cameras and alarms in order to utilise the correct cable lengths. While doing so, we make sure that:

    • The aesthetics of the interiors and exteriors are not compromised
    • The CCTVs and alarms are integrated with your existing cabling and IT infrastructure optimally
    • The environmental factors like sun, heat and temperature and rain and storm don’t affect the cables and the devices
    • You are able to easily upgrade the cabling according to your future requirements

    After careful design phase, we install the cables within the designated time frame so that your devices are ready to work without any delays.  

    Why Choose Us for CCTV Installation?

    • Top-grade security cameras with correct
    • Security-camera-installation specifications for different types of brands
    • Responsive and urgent data cabling needs to ensure uninterrupted security system.
    • Post-installation support in case you experience any fault in Installation
    • Qualified, trained and experienced staff taking care of all security camera installation
    • Customised services based on your specific requirements
    • We offer special Security Camera Kits and customised packages as well.

    Contact Us

    Looking to install a new CCTV or upgrade an old Security Camera and alarm system? Call us right now at 0455 66 55 80 or mail your inquiries to info@maxsol.com.au for immediate response. We also offer Free Quote for all of our CCTV installation jobs. 

    24/7 Full Colour Cameras

    ntelligent: Wiz-sense is powered by AI chip and deep learning algorithm. It provides various features that realise accurate alarms for human and vehicle, as well as quick target search, maximising resources to increase overall efficiency.  
    Simple: WizSense offers simple configuration, especially for SMD Plus that can be enabled by just a single button. It eases your daily job and also empowers you with better business decisions.
    Inclusive: Dahua WizSense is cost-effective that everyone can enjoy the benefits of AI advancement. With affordable prices and easy configuration, WizSense aims to fast accelerate the AI adoption in the industry and brings AI to everyone’s daily life.

    Complete Installation
    Alarm Installed
    Camera Installed
    Happy Clients

    New Home Security System
    Discount Package

    If you have build new house and want to secure and live with peace  mind contact us for combo deal home package. We will come and visit your site and discuss all the option and give best solution and cheap price.   

    The technicians and installers working with our company are all licensed security equipment installers. They have ample experience in the field to handle on-field issues and queries regarding alarm systems and security cameras.
    You can check by clicking Victoria Police Security Licence and than search the company or person's name you should be able to find there. if it is not there it means that person or company is not licensed security equipment installer. In our case you can search for MaxSol Techs.
    First and foremost, a CCTV security camera increases the security level of your home. You can prevent any crime, and if, at worst, any crime is committed, then the footage can help with the police investigation. It can also be used to monitor the well-being and movement of pets, babies, young kids, and the elderly.
    The CCTV security camera installation comes with apps that can easily be downloaded on your smart devices. With just internet connectivity, you can access the footage using your tablet, PC, laptop, and smartphone. The apps also make it easy to remotely monitor and view CCTV cameras. You can get instant unlimited motion detection notifications on you smart devices.
    The CCTV cameras' WDR technology helps capture the images even in strong light backgrounds and shadows. The technology balances the lighting so that the images are clear. It takes two consecutive pictures at a very high speed and scans them into one.
    The major point of difference between the two that also helps with the buying decision is the picture quality. The digital system has more picture quality and sharpness compared to the analogue CCTV system. Also, the digital CCTV footage can be accessed through your smart devices. Analogue uses coaxial cable and separate cable for power.
    MP stands for megapixels. Our company provides 4MP, 5MP, 6MP and 8MP cameras. The megapixel indicates the quality of the images. A higher MP means better picture quality, and when zoomed in on these pictures, the details will not blur away. 4MP= 2592x1520 resolution 5MP= 2560x1960 resolution 6MP= 3072x2048 resolution. 8MP= 3840×2160 Resolution.
    PoE is the abbreviation of Power over Ethernet. This technology helps with the easy powering of security devices (CCTV cameras) through Ethernet cable. You connect the camera with an Ethernet port and the cameras receive the power as well as internet connectivity. This technology prevents the hassle of installing numerous power outlets at different access points.
    The Internet Protocol cameras are a type of digital camera that uses an internet network to send and receive data and the data here are the images and videos. These cameras are a very good security solution. The biggest benefit is that you can view the video footage anywhere using the internet network and a smart device.
    Alarm installation helps in protecting the house or property from burglars and intruders because any forced entry will alert the system and you will receive an intrusion notification. It is seen that in neighbourhoods where most of the properties have alarm systems, there are fewer burglar crimes.
    The services provided by us are not limited to only installing CCTV systems. We also install alarm installation, intercom systems, and data cabling. We have professionals who will arrive and get the system installed perfectly. Even there, there are experts who you can contact for grievances, consultation and solutions.
    For the CCTV system, our trusted supplier is Dahua Technology. There are many types of cameras with different megapixels provided by Dahua. For other services, we use products by HIKVISION, tp-link, and BOSCH. Every product has a purpose and you can purchase the ones that suit your situation.
    First of all, the security camera provided by us is top grade and has the right specification that suits your needs and trained and qualified professionals will do its installation. Next, importance is given to quick data cabling so that the security cameras can work uninterruptedly. We also provide post-installation services to solve any issues that occur after the installation.
    The cameras provided by us have a motion detection feature. When there is minimal human activity, the footage stops recording. When the camera detects movements, then it starts recording again. This saves up storage space. The recording will not have any useless footage of no activity and can sent instant notification to you mobile app.
    Our professionals help you with deciding between a hard-wired and wireless alarm system. In general, wired alarm installation systems are less maintenance and are best for larger residential spaces or properties with multiple apartments. On the other hand, wireless ones are a good upgrade to the former ones but need timely battery changing and normally recommended for double story houses
    The alarm security system provided by us can be connected to internet and mobile app for accessing from anywhere. In case of any breach, you will instantly get notified through a mobile notification. You can even disarm and arm the system using any smart device via an internet network.
    To get a quote on different services, the process is simple. All you need to do is click on "get quote" and fill out a small form. Put all the information as you want the services to be and also fill in the personal information. Then click "send." We will send the quotation to the personal contact provided.
    Our company aims to make you feel safe in your home, so we help you gain that peace of mind with different packages. We do have combo deal discount it means if you request more than one service at one time you will get discount. There will be monthly base discount or any special offers. Feel free to contact us to help you choose the right service packages regarding CCTV camera, alarm systems or video intercom installation.
    We provide many types of packages so you can find something that will suit your requirements and budget regarding alarm installation. Usually, all the packages contain the cameras, hard drive, and NVR/DVR. If you want, we can also custom create your packages.
    You can contact us from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Monday to Saturday. You can use the contact number 0455665580 to contact us for any consultation, or you can email us your issues and queries at info@maxsol.com.au anytime. We are always ready to help you out.

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