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WE HELP BUSINESSESinnovate and grow
Security Camera Installation
WE HELP BUSINESSESinnovate and grow
Alarm Installation
WE HELP BUSINESSESinnovate and grow

CCTV Installation

We Are Melbourne’s Leading CCTV Installer

Having years of experience in CCTV installations in Melbourne. we are the preferred choice for millions of people looking to secure their properties and establishments. Design and installation contribute effectively towards how your surveillance cameras. Burglar alarms and fire alarms perform without any hassles. Our team of CCTV Installation experts offers consultations, solutions and services to ensure structured cabling that enhances the performance of security devices.

Our Data Cabling Services

  • Residential Installations: Don’t leave your home or family members at risk. Invest in the modern security cameras and alarms and leave the crucial task of installation and cabling to us.
  • Retail Installations: Keep your retail destinations safe and secure for your customers and business. We help you select the top-rated security devices and install them for uninterrupted safety and supervision.
  • Commercial Cabling: Offices and business buildings are at constant risks of data theft and unanticipated threats like burglary and fire. Through an optimised data cabling design, we ensure that your commercial space successfully thwarts these dangers.
  • Security for Facilities: Whether you run an educational campus, a hospital or any other facility, it needs to be protected with sophisticated CCTVs and alarms. We promise the peace of mind by taking care of structured cabling needs.
  • Cabling for Recreational Hubs: Restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars host numerous customers on an everyday basis. Choose us to make your facility absolutely secure through efficient CCTV and alarm installations.

How Do We Do It?

We follow a comprehensive approach for data cabling focusing on every important aspect that must be considered for the most productive results. To begin, our experts pay a visit to the client’s site and investigate the whole property to design a plan for data cabling. We help our clients to choose the best spots for installing CCTV cameras and alarms in order to utilise the correct cable lengths. While doing so, we make sure that:

  • The aesthetics of the interiors and exteriors are not compromised
  • The CCTVs and alarms are integrated with your existing cabling and IT infrastructure optimally
  • The environmental factors like sun, heat and temperature and rain and storm don’t affect the cables and the devices
  • You are able to easily upgrade the cabling according to your future requirements

After careful design phase, we install the cables within the designated time frame so that your devices are ready to work without any delays.  

Why Choose Us for CCTV Installation?

  • Top-grade security cameras with correct specifications for different types of brands
  • Responsive and urgent data cabling needs to ensure uninterrupted security system.
  • Post-installation support in case you experience any fault in Installation
  • Qualified, trained and experienced staff taking care of all security camera installation
  • Customised services based on your specific requirements
  • We offer special Security Camera Kits and customised packages as well.

Contact Us

Looking to install a new CCTV or upgrade an old Security Camera and alarm system? Call us right now at 0455 66 55 80 or mail your inquiries to info@maxsol.com.au for immediate response. We also offer Free Quote for all of our CCTV installation jobs. 

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