How to Mount Security Camera Without Screws: 7 Steps [DIY]

Many people hesitate to install security cameras because they don’t want to drill holes and use screws to mount them. But mounting security cameras without screws can challenge professionals or do-it-yourselfers.

Because an unsteady camera mount could jeopardize your camera’s angle and the quality of video recordings. Luckily, there are many alternative ways to mount security cameras without screws, such as adhesive strips, command strips, and various security camera mounts like siding hooks, gutter, magnetic mounts, etc.

Below we will discuss some different mounting options to consider if you want to secure your security cameras without using screws.

How to Mount Security Camera Without Screws: 7 DIY Steps

how to mount security camera without screws

Modern technology has made mounting security cameras simple and convenient. There are various innovative ways to install surveillance cameras without screws, such as:

Siding Hook Mount

The siding hook mount is one of the quickest and easiest ways to install a CCTV camera without screws. This method uses gaps in house siding with hooks that can be easily clipped on. All that’s needed are a few nails, and the camera can be installed in minutes without damage to the wall or other property.

Gutter Mount

For those with metal gutters on their property, gutter mounts are an ideal way to quickly and securely attach a security camera without having to drill into any walls or other structures. These mounts attach directly to the gutter by clipping into its lip for extra stability.

Magnetic Mount

Another popular way to install security cameras without screws is magnetic mounts. These mounts use strong magnets to adhere the camera directly onto flat surfaces such as metal doors or window frames. The magnets provide an incredibly secure fit but guarantee that removing them won’t damage any surface.

Suction Cup Mount

Suction cup security camera mounts are lightweight yet durable mounts that can hold up plenty of weight while providing enough flexibility to adjust the angle and direction of each camera’s lens. Place these mounts on smooth surfaces like glass windows or metal doors, and they’ll stay firmly attached.

Tripod Mounts

Tripod mounts are ideal solutions for mounting a security camera without screws. With a tripod mount, the camera can be secured by a friction lock knob attached to the tripod stand. It is easy to adjust the camera’s angle with this mounting option and ensure a secure fit when tightened correctly.

Adhesive Strips

These strips provide an effective way to mount a CCTV camera without screws. This mounting option uses strong adhesive pads that attach the camera’s base directly onto surfaces such as walls or ceilings, eliminating the need for additional hardware or tools.

Command Strips

Command strips are one of the most popular options for mounting security cameras without screws. These strips feature a strong adhesive that sticks directly onto walls or ceilings and provides an effective way to hold up heavier equipment like security cameras securely in place.

Why Should You Install a Security Camera Without Screws?

Why Should You Install a Security Camera Without Screws

Installing a security camera without screws offers several advantages, such as:

Greater Flexibility

Having a security camera installed without screws gives you more flexibility regarding placement. As there is no need to drill holes into walls or ceilings, you can choose where exactly to place the camera quickly and easily with minimal disruption to your property’s structure.

Easier and Faster to Install

Compared with traditional screw-mounted cameras, security cameras without screws are much simpler and quicker to install. There is no need for professional help or expensive tools. All you need is some adhesive or a security camera mount.

A great Option for Renters

For those who rent property, screwless security cameras are an ideal choice due to their easy installation process, which requires no damage to walls or ceilings. This makes them much better suited than traditional screwed cameras.

Good Option for Temporary Security

If you’re looking for short-term monitoring solutions, such as at events like conventions or festivals, then a screwless security system could be exactly what you need. With their inexpensive nature combined with their fast deployment capabilities, they make great choices for short-term surveillance solutions.

Provide More Discreet Installation

Screwless camera installations also offer more discreet options when compared with traditional screw-mounted setups, as they don’t require drilling obvious holes into walls or ceilings. This makes them perfect if you want low-profile surveillance that doesn’t distract attention from its purpose.

More Cost-Effective Option

Screwless security systems can also provide great value when compared with traditional methods due to their cheaper materials costs. The lack of drilling required and general ease of use all combine, creating an inexpensive yet effective solution.

More Aesthetically Pleasing

Finally, these installations can be far more aesthetically pleasing than traditionally installed cameras. The lack of visible fixing points like screws on show allows these systems to blend into their surroundings.

Limitations of Mount a Security Camera Without Screws

Limitations of Mount a Security Camera Without Screws

Mounting an outdoor or indoor CCTV camera without screws has become popular due to its convenience and ease of installation. Still, some limitations should be considered when choosing this installation method.

Not Suitable for All Surfaces

Adhesive mounting is unsuitable for rough, porous, or textured surfaces as it will not provide enough grip to secure the camera in place long-term. Also, adhesive mounts can easily become dislodged and lose their hold if any external force is applied.

Not Suitable for Heavier Cameras

Screwless mounts may not hold up to the increased strain over time. Use them with cameras that are heavier than recommended by the manufacturer to avoid dislodging or damaging the camera. Consider the camera’s weight before choosing the right mount when deciding which type is best.

May Require Frequent Adjustment

Since screwless mounts tend to become loose over time, they may require frequent adjustment to maintain the system’s optimal performance and security levels as time passes. This can become quite time-consuming, depending on how often adjustments need to be made.

Get Smart Camera Installations: Secure Camera Without Drilling Holes

When it comes to achieving a secure and safe installation of your security cameras with minimal effort, there are several great options available that don’t involve tapping into walls or drilling holes in them.

While there are some limitations when finding the right mounting method for your camera, it can be done securely and efficiently with the proper research and patience. Regardless of what mounting option you choose, it must be able to support the weight of your camera; otherwise, it will become a risk.

With the proper knowledge and tools, you can securely mount your security cameras without causing any damage or leaving any evidence behind.

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