How to Hide a Security Camera Outside: 5 Ways [In Steps]

Security cameras have become a popular choice for protecting the outside of homes and businesses. While they are an excellent crime deterrent, many people don’t realize that the best way to keep their cameras hidden is to hide them.

Fortunately, there are several different ways to do this. Camouflaging the camera with objects in the environment, blending it with objects in its environment, installing it in a discreet location, and painting the camera with house colors can help ensure that no one will be able to spot it.

Today, we’ll discuss how to hide your security camera discreetly to keep it out of sight while providing maximum coverage. We’ll also discuss what outdoor security cameras are appropriate for hiding. So if you’re looking for ways to increase the stealth of your surveillance system, read on.

How to Hide a Security Camera Outside: Best Ways to Do It

how to hide a security camera outside

Installing an outdoor security camera is one of the best ways to keep your home safe. With burglary and vandalism on the rise, securing key areas of your property with a hidden camera can help capture suspicious activity without alerting intruders.

If you install this surveillance system, it’s essential to conceal the camera from outside view properly. Therefore, here are some of the clever ways to hide an outdoor security camera while protecting your property:

#1. Use Natural Camouflage

Hiding a security camera outside with natural camouflage is an effective way of keeping your property safe and secure. This technique can help you blend the camera with its environment, allowing it to remain undetected while recording everything necessary. This technique involves:

Use Shrubs and Bushes:

Using shrubs and bushes is an excellent way to hide a security camera outdoors. Place them around the area where you want to install the camera so that they obscure its presence while still providing complete coverage of the area. Add flowers or plants that go with the environment for a more natural look.

Utilize Tree Branches:

Trees provide plenty of material for hiding security cameras outside. You can use branches from tall trees and their leaves to obscure your security camera from view. Place leafy branches around the area where the camera will be installed, so it blends in better with its surroundings.

Cover it With Vines:

Vines are another excellent option for camouflaging outdoor security cameras, as they can quickly grow over any surface to create a visual cover. Choose fast-growing vines such as ivy or trumpet vine and attach them near your device so they can drape over it naturally.

Use a Rock or Boulder:

Adding a rock or boulder near your device is another efficient way of disguising it from view. Rocks are relatively easy to move and have an organic texture that makes them blend effortlessly into their surroundings, perfect for hiding cameras.

Build a Decorative Structure:

If you want something more decorative than foliage alone, build a small structure around your device instead. Brick walls are especially good at concealing cameras since they’re challenging to penetrate and visually appealing. Think trellises covered in climbing plants like roses or jasmine flowers.

#2. Blend the Camera With an Object

Blend the Camera With an Object

Another way to disguise a security camera outside is by blending it with an object. Here are some of the best strategies for doing this:

Hide It in a Rain Gutter:

Hiding a security camera in the rain gutter of your property is an effective way to help ensure that it cannot be seen from the street and provides an inconspicuous alternative to traditional mounting options.

Insert It Into Doorbells:

If you’re looking for a genuinely hidden option for your outdoor security system, consider inserting a mini IP camera into your existing doorbell housing.

This approach offers maximum protection since you can easily tuck away all visible components of your security system within one device. Plus, there’s no extra installation required.

#3. Install the Camera in a Discreet Location

Installing a security camera outside your home in a discreet location is an excellent way to protect against theft and vandalism. Below are some best places to install a camera for maximum discretion:

Inside a Birdhouse or Decorative Box:

Installing a security camera inside a birdhouse or a decorative box is an ideal way to monitor the area without providing visibility from the outside. A birdhouse can be made from wood, plastic, or metal and come in various sizes and shapes, allowing you to choose one that best suits your needs.

Decorative boxes are also great for hiding cameras, as they can easily blend into their surroundings and come in multiple styles and colors.

Inside a Light Fixture:

Hiding a security camera inside a light fixture provides an inconspicuous solution for monitoring outdoor areas at night. Most fixtures come with built-in openings where you can insert small surveillance cameras that won’t be noticeable from the exterior.

Inside a Flowerpot:

Flowerpots are often overlooked when considering places to hide outdoor surveillance cameras, but they can provide a great option due to their natural environment-friendly look. You can purchase specially designed flower pots with hidden compartments for covertly storing cameras.

Under the Eaves:

Installing your security camera under the eaves of your home’s roofline is another discreet method for monitoring outdoor activity without being obvious. This type of placement requires some hardware installation but provides an effective means of protecting your residence.

#4. Use a Fake Camera as a Decoy

Fake cameras are designed to look like real cameras but do not record or transmit any kind of data. Place a decoy model around vulnerable points around the house to deter criminals without revealing that you have security. Make sure fake cameras are close to real cameras so intruders can’t tell which is which.

#5. Paint the Camera with House Outside Color

To further blend a security camera into its surroundings, consider painting it the same color as the exterior of your home. This will make it nearly impossible for criminals to spot it from afar and even more complicated when they get closer.

What Types of Outside Security Cameras are Best for Hiding?

What Types of Outside Security Cameras are Best for Hiding

Wireless IP hidden cameras are a great way to keep an eye on your property without anyone else knowing. These cameras are smaller than traditional security cameras and are perfect for placement in small, tight spots like plants or cove corners.

They also connect to the internet, so you can monitor from anywhere using an app on your phone or computer. When placing a wireless IP hidden camera outside, look for areas around your property where they will blend into their environment.

Trim bushes, trees, and doorbells can be great places to install this hidden camera, as they provide ample cover while still allowing you to capture footage of any activity around them.

Keep Your Outside Cameras Hidden for Stealthy Security

We have gone over several effective ways to hide outdoor security cameras. Blending them into their surroundings, installing them in discrete locations, using fake cameras as decoys, and painting them with colors that match their surroundings can all be used together for maximum effectiveness.

Remember, proper security measures are essential for protecting your home and giving you peace of mind when away. Keep the tips discussed here in mind when setting up your security cameras, and stay safe.

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